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Company profile

 Founded in March 1954 as Teikoku Surveying, our company will soon be celebrating its 60th corporate anniversary.

During these 60 years, we have constantly adapted and innovated to stay ahead of the constantly evolving needs of the Japanese society and remain at the forefront of our field.

In 1982 our company changed its name to Teikoku Engineering Consultants and expanded into the field of construction consultancy, where it has since become a leading local player.

Building on this success, our company has changed its name again, becoming Teikoku International Corporation in September 2012, in preparation for even further expansion.

In order to thrive in the uncertain economic climate of recent years, flexibility and adaptability are paramount. We cannot anymore solely rely on our expertise in construction consultancy and are, therefore, expanding our range of services aiming to become a general consultancy as well as a think tank with the flexibility to offer effective solutions to a wide variety of problems.