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President and CEO Mr. Asakura Kengo
President and CEO
Mr. Nobuharu Shibata

 Japan is currently facing the kind of socio-economic upheaval that occurs only once every fifty years.

In order to overcome these challenging times, Teikoku International Corporation is striving to break the mold of conventional construction consultancies and local think tanks to become a new breed of company:A company excelling in every field and constantly aiming to surpass itself in providing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

We are now beginning a new phase in our corporate history, aiming to expand our range of operations not only to all of Japan, but also the entire East-Asian region. We aspire to become a global consultancy recognized both for the excellence of its services and of its social contributions.

Our goal is to become your global solutions partner. In this pursuit, we will put all the skills and expertise of our staff at your disposal and go the extra mile to provide the best possible solution set for your needs.